Beautification Commission

Beautification Commission

The Northville Township “Beautification Commission” was established by Resolution on December 9, 1982. The purpose of the Commission is to preserve and enhance the beauty of the Township of Northville through public education and informational programs. The volunteers on the Commission do this through recognition of outstanding beautification efforts of private and public facilities and businesses, the coordination of plantings in public spaces, and programs that encourage the conservation of the environment, tree planting, anti-littering campaigns and the implementation of green initiatives.

Membership in the Beautification Commission consists of a minimum of seven and up to 18 members appointed by the Township Supervisor, with approval of the Board of Trustees. Meetings are held once monthly (no meeting in December, January, or February). Currently, there are several vacancies on the Beautification Commission and interested individuals are encouraged to apply. (Click here for appointment application)

Current Beautification Commission Members:
Sue A. Hillebrand (Board Liaison)
James T. Morche’ (Co-Chair)
Lynne Mosteller (Co-Chair)
Lora Cash
Nancy Grandillo
Julie Mantay
Sharon A. Smith
Julianne Mundy
Sally Hayes

2017 Beautification Awards

On Monday, September 26, the Township Beautification Commission presented certificates to 19 Township businesses for the wonderful way their buildings looked this summer. The presentations were made with the help of the Northville Rotary Club, which turned its weekly meeting over to us.

Beautification Awards

Here is the Beautification Awards Presentation for 2017.

One of the award winners is Northville Township Hall (officially the Municipal Building). Pictured with the certificate is Greg Hester, who watches over the building and grounds.
Beautification Award Winner

The Commission is active and busy and the following are highlights of the programs and initiatives the Commission oversees:

Friendship Garden

Friendship Garden – Located at the corner of Six Mile and Sheldon Roads, in front of township hall. Originally planned as a “Hosta” garden, it continues to grow and develop. There is a pathway leading to a park bench for residents to stop and enjoy the garden.  

Arbor Day Seedling Giveaway – Depending upon the weather, usually in April or early May in even years, the Commission partners with the City of Northville’s Beautification Commission to host the “Seedling Giveaway”. The Commission provides free quality seedlings to residents in the Northville Public School District. The date frequently coincides with “Earth Day” or Arbor Day.

Arbor Day Seedling Giveaway  Arbor Day Seedling Giveaway  Arbor Day Seedling Giveaway  Arbor Day Seedling Giveaway

Document Shredding – As a result of the success of the program, and citizen interest in securely disposing of documents, the Commission offers on-site document shredding. The next Shred-It event is scheduled for September 22, 2018 at Township Hall.

Document Shredding  Document Shredding


Beautification Awards

Beautification Awards – Every summer, the Commission scours the township for the commercial businesses that go above and beyond in beautifying their facilities by planting flowers and enhancing the landscape. In the fall, the Township and the City jointly host an “Awards Luncheon” to recognize those businesses and thank them for their contribution to beautification efforts.

Flower Planting  Flower Planting  Flower Planting  Flower Planting

The Commission is in need of members who wish to volunteer to help continue the long tradition of keeping our community one of the top places to live, work, and play in Southeastern Michigan.

If you are interested and have one or two extra hours a month, please consider joining the Beautification Commission. If you have any questions or would like additional information, feel free to contact Sue Hillebrand (Board Liaison) at 248-662-0491 or email: