Detective Bureau

Detective Bureau

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Detective Bureau Hours

Detective Bureau contact information to make appointments:

Detective Bureau Supervisor Sgt. Dave Roberts
Telephone: (248) 662-0466

Detective Jon Huerta
Telephone (248) 662-0462

Detective Patrick Reinke
Telephone (248) 662-0453

Detective Christopher Rowley
Telephone (248) 662-1177

The Northville Township Police Department Detective Bureau provides numerous functions including criminal investigations, licensing investigations, liquor license applications and enforcement of weapons laws. The bureau is supervised by Sergeant Dave Roberts. 

Two additional detectives are assigned to Western Wayne Community Response Team and Western Wayne County Narcotics Unit. These are multi-jurisdictional task forces comprised of members from local, county, state and federal agencies. These specialized units provided additional assistance to Northville Township in combating crime.

If you wish to report a crime for investigation please contact the Northville Township Police Department by telephone at (248) 349-9400 or if an EMERGENCY (crime in progress) dial 911.

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Firearms Safety Devices

Firearms Safety DeviceThe Northville Township Police Department is in the business of public safety, and the safety of its citizens is our top priority. So to help legal and responsible gun owners keep their firearms safe, the Department, with the help of a State of Michigan grant, has made cable Locks available to Northville Township residents for free. Simply come to the Northville Township Police Department Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and we will provide you with a free cable lock for firearms safety. A Detective can answer questions about properly securing and locking a firearm.

Did you know that as an adult, you are responsible for properly securing your firearm. If another person is injured as a result of your negligence in properly securing a gun, you can be charged with a crime or be held civilly liable. If convicted, you could be fined or sentenced to time in prison.

Learn more about concealed weapons by visiting the Michigan State Police website.


Detective Jonathan Huerta processes evidence
Detective Jonathan Huerta