Our Building Department is undergoing software training to better be able to serve you. As a result, we will have limited availability Monday, April 5 -Thursday, April 8 to in-person counter visits and phone calls. If we miss your visit, please dial our direct line at (248) 348-5830 to leave a message and we will call you back. You also may continue to use the online services through BSA and our website. We look forward to assisting you. Thank you.

The Building Department is responsible for administering the Michigan Building Code. They review all construction plans, issue permits, and perform inspections to ensure construction is performed in compliance with the code to ensure safety.

We all know how visible and important First Responders are! Do you know the critical function your local Building Officials perform as Silent Defenders? Watch this short video to see how they ensure that the buildings you live and work in are safe and sustainable.

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The Building Division would like to remind you that landscaping along lot lines causes drainage problems for you and your neighbors. Keep all concrete 4 feet from all lot lines per the Township ordinance.

Also, the cutting down of regulated trees in the Township is prohibited without the proper inspection and approval so that we may maintain our natural environment. We look forward to working with you.

Residential Sump Pump Discharges

What is a sump pump discharge? The building code requires that drains be installed around concrete or masonry foundations that retain earth and enclose habitable or usable spaces below grade, such as a residential basement. These systems are typically discharged through a sump pump to an approved drainage pipe.

In Northville Township, this discharge line is typically a 3” polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic pipe (ASTM D2729; ASTM D3034; ASTM F891; CSA B182.2; CSA B182.4). This pipe is typically buried with a minimum of 2’ of cover and with positive slope away from the home.
Northville Township receives several calls and complaints every year regarding the proper discharge location of residential sump pump drainage. In most subdivisions, a sump lead has been left for every residential lot. This lead ties directly into a storm sewer. You can contact the township engineer to review if your lot has a sump lead and its approximate location.

If a sump lead was not left, the sump discharge must be directed away from your foundation (typically to the front and rear of the home). The drainage from this discharge must be contained on your site and not affect the neighbor’s property. It also must be located 20’ from the right of way line ( the right of way is located 1’ behind the sidewalk, or 17’ in general from the street (back of curb)). Drainage that is placed to the street or affects the adjacent neighbor’s lot would be in violation with the township ordinances and require correction.

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