The planning department reviews development plans for compliance with Township ordinances, reviews construction plans for compliance with approved site plans and conducts site inspections during the construction process to ensure compliance with approved plans. Most types of projects must be reviewed by the planning commission. Some plans can be approved administratively by township staff and some require approval by the township board. The primary types of reviews are summarized below. The planning department is always available to answer any questions regarding the township’s review processes.

Types of Development Reviews

Site Plans – Plans for new construction and additions/expansions of existing sites require review and approval by the township planning commission. Prior to being placed on a planning commission agenda, plans are reviewed administratively by township staff for compliance with standards contained in the zoning ordinance. After each submission, review comments are returned to the applicant so the plans can be revised and resubmitted. Upon compliance with all non-discretionary ordinance standards, the plans are placed on the next available planning commission meeting agenda. This process reduces review time and ensures plans are complete when they are reviewed by the planning commission. CLICK HERE FOR SITE PLAN APPLICATION. CLICK HERE FOR SITE CONDOMINIUM APPLICATION.

Platted Subdivisions and Site Condominiums – Plans for new platted subdivisions and site condominiums require review and approval by the planning commission and township board. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION

Rezoning - A rezoning is the process of changing the classification of a parcel of land from one zoning district to another zoning district, such as from B-1 to B-3. Rezoning requests are reviewed in consideration of the criteria contained in section 43.5 of the zoning ordinance. Applications for rezoning are made to the planning commission and require a public hearing. After the public hearing, the planning commission makes a recommendation to the township board which has authority to approve or deny the rezoning request. As required by state law, property owners within 300’ of the proposed rezoning are notified by U.S Mail. Applicants for rezoning are required to post a sign on the property, notifying the public of the proposed change, in advance of the public hearing. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION

Special Land Uses – Special land uses are uses considered to be more intense, or potentially create greater impacts, compared to uses in a particular zoning district which are permitted by right. Uses classified as special land uses vary by district and can be located within each zoning district. Special land uses require a public hearing and a site plan, both of which are approved by the planning commission. As required by state law, property owners within 300’ of the proposed special land use are notified by U.S Mail. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION.

Parcel Reconfiguration – Parcel reconfigurations include the division, combination or change in lot lines for one or more parcels. These reviews are all reviewed and approved administratively. The standards and requirements for land divisions, combinations or reconfigurations are located in Article 34 of the Zoning Ordinance. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION.

Development Review Fees

The development review fees are established by the Township Board of Trustees to cover costs incurred by the Township. Review fees are required to be paid prior to initiating any reviews by township staff. Fees are calculated based on the type of review requested. If you have any questions regarding development review fees, please contact the planning department at 248-348-5800.