Planning Documents

Planning Documents

Master Plan

Northville Township had a population of approximately 8,000 residents when the first master plan was prepared over 50 years ago. With a current population of approximately 30,000 residents, the premise of the master plan remains the same. The master plan document is a blueprint for future development and redevelopment, a mechanism to help ensure each decision fits as a part of the whole. A sound master plan helps ensure a logical development pattern that will result in a highly desirable community in which to live and work and at the same time allows residents, businesses and developers to make investments with a reasonable expectation of what will happen in the future. All municipalities in Michigan are required by law to have a valid master plan.

Pathways Plan

The Township has a comprehensive pathway plan for the development of pedestrian pathways throughout the Township. Currently, the Township has approximately 22 miles of hard surfaced public pathways which are located along the main north/south and east/west roadways. In addition, many neighborhoods have internal pathways along streets and within their open spaces. The overall plan is to create pedestrian connections along all main roads in the Township, as well as connect parks, schools, public facilities and the City of Northville. The primary mechanism for the construction of new pathways is in conjunction with new development. Developers are required to install pathways along their road frontage in locations that are designed on the township’s pathway plan. As resources become available, the township may fill in gaps in the pathway system. Click Here to view the Pathway Map.

Zoning Ordinance

The zoning ordinance consists of two parts: a map and text. The map identifies how the community is divided into different zones or districts (such as residential, commercial or industrial) and identifies the boundaries for each. The text serves two important functions: it contains regulations regarding the use of land and sets forth a series of procedures for administering and applying the zoning ordinance. The regulations are based on the goals and policies of the master plan. Zoning regulations are continuously evolving and as a result, standards are reviewed and amended as needed to respond to emerging development trends and changes. Click Here to view the zoning ordinance.