Planning Ordinances

Planning Ordinances

All of the Township’s Code’s are codified into the Code of Ordinances. Click Here to view the Code of Ordinance.

Zoning Ordinance

All of the Township ordinances and the zoning map are available on-line, or can be viewed at the planning department. If you have specific questions regarding the zoning map or any ordinance regulation, please contact the planning department. The zoning ordinance is contained in Chapter 170 of the Code of Ordinances and is the means by which uses of land are regulated within the Township. The zoning ordinance consists of two parts: a map and text. The zoning map identifies how each parcel of land in the township is zoned, such as residential, office, commercial, industrial, etc. Click here to view the Zoning Map. The zoning text specifies land uses that are permitted by right and by special land use within each zoning district and contains various regulations to promote orderly and consistent development practices, as well as, enhance the visual characteristics of the community such as setbacks, landscaping, lighting and parking. Procedures for administering the zoning ordinance are also included.

Amendments to the following articles of the zoning ordinance have been adopted:

Zoning District uses in table format

Sign Ordinance

The Sign Ordinance is located in Chapter 145 of the Code of Ordinances. The Sign Ordinance establishes standards regarding size, placement, construction materials and illumination for all types of signs within the township. The intent of the standards is to provide advertising opportunities while at the same time creating signs that are consistent and harmonious with their surroundings. Sign regulations are defined by corridors located along all roadways in the Township. To view the Sign OrdinanceMap.

Other Related Ordinances

The Animal Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations are located outside of the zoning ordinance but contain regulations that are often utilized in conjunction with the zoning ordinance. Click Here to see the Animal ordinance and Click Here for the Subdivision Regulations.