Veterans Exemption Affidavit and Information

Veterans Exemption Affidavit and Information

Applying for the Exemption:

In order to apply for the exemption, the disabled veteran, their unremarried surviving spouse or their legal designee must ANNUALLY file an affidavit with the local unit. While the Act did not require the development of an official State of Michigan affidavit form, the State Tax Commission in the interest of uniformity and equity, has adopted Form 5107, Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption. The application process requires that the veteran must file both the affidavit and supporting evidence with the local city or township assessor annually. When possible, this submission should be made in the first two months of the assessment year (January or February). If the submission is made later, the veteran or unremarried surviving spouse will receive a tax billing statement and the local unit's administrative costs are increased. Further, if it is determined that the submission is incomplete, the exemption may be jeopardized.

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