2020 Annual Budget

2020 Annual Budget

The Board of Trustees approves the yearly budget each October for the following calendar year. The budget provides a financial plan to execute the Budget Program Strategies which are funded through the General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Water & Sewer Fund and other sources; and includes payment of debt.

The budget document consists of the following sections:
The Township Manager’s Budget Message highlights the program strategies and budget plan priorities.

The Budget Overview provides a summary of the budget including a Financial Overview and review of the Financial and Budget Policies.

The Multi-Year Budget illustrates the Township’s three-year budget plan.

The Budget Program Categories section includes the following program categories: Public Safety, Fiscally-Responsible Government and Citizen Focused Government.

The Capital Improvements Program section provides a listing of capital improvement projects for the upcoming fiscal year as well as for the next five years.

The Budget Summary (General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Debt Service, Capital Projects Fund, and Enterprise Funds) sections present the operating budgets for the Township’s various departments. These presentations include an Overview of the department as well as Significant Accomplishments.

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