Arbor Hills Fall Construction Work Update

Arbor Hills Fall Construction Work Update

Arbor Hills Fall Construction Work Update
Posted on 10/16/2019

Arbor Hills Fall Construction Work Update:


At the June 19, 2019 Board of Trustee Meeting Advanced Disposal Services (ADS) identified a number of construction projects designed to address landfill odors affecting our residents. The following three projects were identified:

  1. North Slope / gas collection – Work to expand the system of horizontal piping that carries landfill gas from throughout the landfill’s gas wells to the gas-to-energy facility. 
  2. Leachate (liquid) collection system – Work to install a multiphase, comprehensive process to treat landfill liquids, or leachate, collected throughout the landfill before it is discharged to the municipal waste-water treatment facility.  This project is designed to minimize odors associated with leachate.
  3. West haul road – Work to improve drainage, expand the gas collection system and eliminate current gas and odor venting in this area of the landfill. This work will include the installation of a closed pipe system to collect the landfill gas along the drain serving the West Hall Road and reconstruction of the storm drain.The storm drain is approximately 3400 feet in length and approximately 150 feet will be reconstructed per day.


Supervisor Nix requested ADS provide a status update on these projects including a time frame and the potential for the release of odors caused by the work. ADS provided the following:


“The three major construction projects are designed to resolve the main sources of nuisance odors that were identified and presented at the Township’s June 19 meeting. Our contractors are taking all reasonable measures to minimize offsite odors caused as construction work unfolds by covering or closing the work at the end of each workday. The current status of the projects are as follows:


  1. North Slope / gas collection – work began on September 4th and was completed the last week September.
  2. Leachate (liquid) collection system – The construction of the initial system was completed in July. Additional systems subsequently installed throughout the summer and early fall were completed the first week of October. Leachate treatment is occurring, and fine-tuning adjustments are being made, as needed.
  3. West haul road – Phase One consisting of site preparation and preparing the pipe for installation was completed the first week of October. Phase 2 consisting of removing the old horizontal gas collection pipe from the haul road ditch was completed Thursday, October 10.Phase 3 consisting of installation of new horizontal gas collection pipe commenced last Friday, October 4 and is slated for completion the week of October 28 subject to weather.The final Phase 4 will include restoration of ditch, anticipated for completion the end of October / early November.


Additionally, the TS01 remediation project was completed the first week of October.  The project resulted in replacement of a sump on the south slope of the landfill and removal of the open “containment pond” also slope-side.”



 The Township will continue to monitor this work and keep you apprised.