Current Water & Sewer Rates
(rates last revised July 2018)

Please click here for information on these rates. Additionally you can view details about our rate methodology here. 

Water $6.53 / 1,000 gal.
Sewer - Metered $5.09 / 1,000 gal.
Sewer - Non Metered (Flat Rate) $120.49 / Bi-Monthly Billing

 Northville Township Supervisor Robert Nix II, along with the Board of Trustees for Northville Township, are pleased to announce NO INCREASE FOR WATER & SEWER RATES IN 2019 OR 2020 in Northville Township.

Reminder: Please read both sides of your water bill.

In addition to the usage rate, a fixed rate per meter size will be assessed in accordance with the following chart:


Water and Sewer Rate

Water and Sewer Rate History

2016 Water and Sewer Fee Schedule
2015 Water and Sewer Fee Schedule
2014 Water and Sewer Fee Schedule
2013 Water and Sewer Fee Schedule