Solicitation Information

Solicitation Information

Northville Township prohibits any person or organization from conducting solicitations and peddling of residences without a permit. It shall be a violation of this ordinance to engage in solicitation and peddling without a permit.

Parties engaging in door to door solicitation must carry their permit while they solicit door to door. No solicitation or canvassing shall be allowed before 10am or after 6pm.

Please ask all parties soliciting door to door to produce a copy of their permit. Copies of valid permits can be viewed in this section of the website. Violations should be reported as quickly as possible to the Police Department at (248) 349-9400. If you would like to deter solicitation activities at your home, you can obtain No Soliciting window clings at Township Hall, at our drive thru or front desk. 

These regulations do not apply to nonprofit groups. The restrictions above do not apply to religious and political organizations. The rights of these groups are protected under the First Amendment and are not restricted by local law, code or ordinance. These protections allow them to canvass and ask for donations while doing so.

In Order To Legally Solicit Within Northville Township:
  • A business must have a valid, approved permit on file with the Police Department;
  • Solicitors must submit to a criminal background check;
  • Solicitors must adhere to the hours allowed - 10am and 6pm;
  • A copy of the permit must be carried while actively soliciting.

To verify a soliciting permit or to report a violation of the listed requirements, contact the Northville Township Police Department at (248) 349-9400 at the time of the incident. 

For general questions or concerns, you can contact Community Services Officer Ben Sellenraad at (248) 662-1168.

List of current 2021 solicitation permit holders:
- Eradico Services Inc., doing business as Weedman Lawncare 
- Power Home Remodeling Group
- Seventh-day Adventist Church
- Renewal by Andersen

All permits are valid through 12/31/2021

View the Township Ordinances

The Northville Township Police Department would like you to be careful when approached by vendors and door-to-door salespersons. Please check that they have the proper permit from the police department. There are companies going door to door without a permit and being overly aggressive with residents. Be careful of the following:

1. Don’t let them push you into letting them come into your home.
2. Make sure they have clear, legible, official company identification.
3. Make them produce the permit from the Police Department.
4. Don’t be pressured into signing a contract until you have time to review it and check out the company.
5. Don’t let them pressure you to allow them to “check” on a meter or batteries.
6. Consider just taking their information and tell them you will call them another time.
7. Make them take “NO” for an answer if you do not want the goods or service.

If you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to call the police department at (248) 349-9400.